Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I get the wheel on my wheel mouse to work in X Windows?

A. Depends on which major version of XFree86 you are using, 3 or 4.

For XFree86 3.x, the "Pointer" section of the XF86Config file should look like this:

Notice that the Emulate* and Chordmiddle options are commented out.

For XFree86 4.x, the "InputDevice" section for your mouse in your XF86Config file should look like this:

Q. The fonts in Netscape are terrible. How do I fix this?

A. Put the following lines in your ~/.Xdefaults file:

Q. How do I get the wheel on my wheel mouse to work in Netscape?

A. Add the following lines to your ~/.Xdefaults:

This assumes you have already configured X Windows to work with your wheel mouse.

  • Q. How do I send mail using mutt, my local sendmail daemon, and use my legitimate account info?

    A. You will need to modify you /etc/mail/, and set some environment variables.

    In you need to set the Smart Relay host to your service provider's outgoing SMTP server like so:

    You also need to set up your account as a trusted user so that you will be allowed to set your own name and account info on the outgoing message:

    By default, sendmail would use your local username and machine name when sending mail, and that would likely get bounced by the receiving server since your internal accounts and machine names are not legit on the global Internet.

    A better solution would probably be a ruleset in that munges the envelope and headers for you. If someone has such a ruleset, please send it to me!

    Next you need to set three enviroment variables in your .profile or equivalent:

    And that is about it!