The Kingston Linux Users Group (KLUG) meets once a month for hands on sessions covering a wide variety of topics, along with the occasional InstallNight and even a social evening every so often, usually dinner at a local restaurant.

Membership is 100% free, with no obligations whatsoever. We are a completely voluntary organisation which you are welcome to participate in as much or as little as you like.

KLUG was formed Wed, Jan 13, 1999 when 12 attended a meeting at Tyr-Na-Nog!

New KLUG in Town!! Nov 13, 2011

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Mailing List: The KLUG mailing lists are managed by Mailman. You can view the available lists, subscribe, unsubscribe and view the archives via the web interface here. You can also subscribe by email by sending mail to the following addresses: with "subscribe" in the body of the message. For more details on using the email interface, send a message to either of the above addresses with "help" in the body of the message.

Meetings: Daniel Nagy has been scheduling meetings at Jeffrey Hall in the second week of each month. Check on the mailing list for the exact date, time and room.

UseNet: You can also check out the kingston.os.linux newsgroup on a USENET server near you or you can access it via the KOS Netforum, useful if your news server does not carry the group. Note, however, that the newsgroup is very low volume.

Jabber: You can also check out the jabber.klug.on.ca server.

Latest News

[ 2006-11-04 ]
General site maintenance, I added a second counter as the "free" one had started going on and off. No real reason, I just like counters!

[ 2006-05-19 ]
Just to round out this Census topic, there is a second issue concerning the outsourcing via the NAFTA agreement. CountMeOut Site

[ 2006-05-17 ]
StatsCan has responded to part of the Census issue by allowing Open Source (including Linux) browser access to participate in online form completion. StatsCan Update

[ 2006-05-09 ]
"The Vancouver Linux User Group (VanLUG), in conjunction with other Linux user groups from across Canada, is co-ordinating an effort to draw attention to the 2006 Census web site's lack of standards compliance and to the detrimental effect this has on the ability of Canadians to participate in the census." Check out their page at Vancouver Linux User Group (VanLUG) Census Page

[ 2005-10-25 ]
The server may be up and down over the next week as Brian looks after some essential maintenance and upgrades. Thanks Brian!

[ 2005-10-16 ]
The web page has been edited to correct some broken links and to update the contact information as much as possible. Feel free to drop Me a note with any suggestions, comments or issues.

[ 2005-10-13 ]
The minutes of the latest KLUG meeting held at Jeffrey Hall are here.